No other stove pipe heat reclaimer comes even close to the outstanding performance of the new Flue-Master wood stove waste heat reclaimer!
Unlike heat reclaimers of the past, Flue-Master does what others can't: save you money!
Flue-Master is the only wood stove heat reclaimer with a 10-year ltd warranty!
Finally a wood stove waste heat reclaimer that really moves the heat!
Go Green, Burn Clean!  Flue-Master is the only wood stove  heat reclaimer the cuts pollution by 40%!
Flue-Master is the only stove pipe heat reclaimer available that increases home safety!
Finally a wood stove heat reclaimer that dramatically reduces creosote buildup, the leading cause of chimney fires!
Unlike the tube-style heat reclaimers of the past, Flue-Master uses our advanced new heat exchanger design!
The most powerful wood stove heat reclaimer ever offered!
The Flue-Master does not use steel tubes like other heat reclaimers. It uses our Cyfinheat techology to produce enormous volumes of heat which translates into extraordinary heating capacity and unparalleled fuel and energy savings!
The Flue-Master wood stove heat reclaimer is far superior to any other wood stove waste heat reclaimer available on the market today!
The most energy efficient solid fuel stove pipe heat reclaimer ever made! Recycle Your Waste Heat!
No other stove pipe heat reclaimer compares to the heating capacity of a Flue-Master wood stove heat reclaimer!
People everywhere are 'blown away' buy the fantastic heating performance of the Flue-Master wood stove waste heat reclaimer!
The amazing Flue-Master wood stove heat reclaimer cuts your wood use in half!
Flue-Master pays for itself in the first season!
Wood heating for the 21st Century!
Products:  We offer safe, inexpensive, energy efficient wood stove heating products that will save you 50% on your current heating bill while reducing greenhouse gases. Whether you are interested in heating large areas up to a few thousand feet or simply want to retrofit your existing wood stove to output more heat quicker, Flue-Master is valueable for a wide range of applications including single stove retrofits, room, garage, shop, and large-area space heating. 
Facts:  Enormous amounts of heat escape the flue pipe; more than 80% of your heat is wasted to the sky.  Wood smoke contains harmful chemical substances such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dioxin, and inhalable particulate matter (PM).  Some of the VOCs are irritating, toxic, and/or cancer causing.  One of the biggest threats to us from smoke, indoors or outdoors, comes from particulate matter.  Wood smoke PM is composed of wood tars, gases, soot, and ashes.  A group of air toxics known as polycyclic organic matter (POM) including carcinogens such as benzo(a)pyrene are particularly harmful.
Recycle Your Waste Heat?

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In addition to our most basic needs, food, water, and shelter, the human's need to stay warm is paramount.  The Flue-Master Company is impassioned with offering new and innovative ways to do just that.  For centuries, wood heat has been the critical fuel in serving this purpose but because so much of that heat is lost into the atmosphere, using the wood stove or fireplace has always been a very inefficient means of heating area space, until now...
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Mission: With our dedication to service and innovation we aim to continue a tradition of American-made products, value, and ingenuity. By solving through discovery, wood burning can be made even more cost-effective, reliable, earth-friendly and efficient.  Our products, research, and technologies are moving us forward as we welcome a future where we all embrace the principles of science as we begin to leverage technology further to save time, money and the ecosystem.